Embark on a medieval adventure to recover a family heirloom of great power! You take on the role of a young man who witnesses his family’s magical book being stolen, which leads to a visit from his grandfather’s ghost, forcing him on a perilous journey to retrieve it.

Explore nearby cities and the desert, collect information from citizens, upgrade your character with new weapons and equipment, hunt down the criminals who stole the magic book, and find out the truth behind it all!

Book Quest is a retro RPG adventure game with pixel art and cinematic cutscenes and dialogue. In this medieval fantasy game, the gameplay alternates between top-down and side-scrolling.

Dodge and execute melee attacks, collect key items, solve puzzles, equip new equipment as you progress, and play unique mini-games as you travel between locations on the map! This nostalgic adventure is suitable for all ages, whether you’re a longtime gamer who remembers the classics of the genre or a beginner just learning the ropes.


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